Susie Garton - Shiatsu & Massage Therapy
Shiatsu & Massage @ Towncrest and Solon

Services And Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Prices are listed on the booking site.

Services Provided:

Shiatsu:  A Japanese form of bodywork which is referred to as a type of acupressure/trigger point therapy. It releases pain and congestion and enhances energy flow.  The therapist uses pressure which stimulates the local nerves and tissues and in turn stimulates the body's natural healing power. Shiatsu can be received through loose fitting clothing or sheets. Typically,it is received without oil or lotion.

Shiatsu/Integrative Massage:   The therapist incorporates the use of oil or lotion and various therapeutic massage techniques along with Shiatsu pressure for both relaxation and therapeutic benefits

Chair Massage: Chair Massage , usually focusing on neck and shoulders, can be done in office or can be provided at your place of business. This is not available for online scheduling. Please call Susie at 319-430-6310, or email Susie at if you are interested in providing chair massage for your employees. This can be set up on a regular basis or for special occasions.

 I do offer discounts and series of three ( Hour and Half Hour ) massage packages. 

I provide an exceptional therapeutic massage for people of various ages and health issues, within my scope of practice and knowledge base.